Dec 8, 2008

The Beginning

Once upon a time, back when the Internet was young, there lived a beautiful princess who loved to blog. She wrote about her thoughts, ideas, opinions, and happenings, and everyone enjoyed reading her tidbits. Sometimes her acerbic wit and sharp tongue angered the townsfolk, but mostly the citizens found humor in her writings, and all was good.

Then one day, the ex-prince became angry with the princess, and he decided to take her to court (again). The princess's life became subject to inspection and invasion, and the princess's attorney advised her to stop writing her blogs. Saddened by the damage that her blogs had done to her legal case, the princess vowed never again to write in a public forum. She shelved all her thoughts, her musings, and her wry observations, and she was sad. The townsfolk, noting her absence, begged the ex-prince to drop his suit, but he refused.

After awhile, the princess decided she was through being pushed around by the ex-prince and his crazy new wife. In order to retain her privacy and protect her children, the princess decided to write in secret. She disguised herself and became known as The Masked Scribbler. I am that princess, and this is my story.