Oct 5, 2010

Procrasination Nation

What is it? Why do I procrastinate? I have had a week to take care of some business, and I put it off for no reason. Now I'm in deep shit and working like a dog to make things right. Why would I risk my business reputation and client satisfaction by delaying this project? It's nothing, really, not difficult.  I could have finished it last week without any issues.

I have always done this type of thing. I am a card carrying member of Procrastination Nation.  I am the master of avoidance maneuvers.

An hour later...

Yep, I just did it again!  I got side-tracked on some other paperwork and couldn't even finish this blog! Jeesh. OK, I swear, this time I am going to kill my browser, get to work, and face the music.  Hmmm, that sounds somewhat like an addict promising they'll change. Do they have a 12-step group for people like me?

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